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General update

04/04/2020, by Brickbreakr

Apologies for the lack of updates lately, tumbleweeds. Global crisis and all that, it's got this knife feeling a little spoonless if you catch my drift. But I promise that while we've been gone, you've not been forgotten. ♡
Enough about me, let's touch on what's been going on.

I'll get a masterpost up soon about pandemic-related postponements/cancellations as they relate to our fab four, collapsing our last post into a static page on the topic probably. Since then, an announcement also went out about postponing all New Zealand and Australian shows, as well as Gerard alluding vaguely to the topic on Instagram in a post about a recent dream of his. Speaking of Gerard's Instagram page...

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A post shared by Gerard Way (@gerardway) on

And the crowd went wild...
It's good to see and hear from them again. :')

THE TRUE LIVES OF THE FABULOUS KILLJOYS is getting an oversize hardcover, coming to us in September:

And, you might want to pick this up: AltPress has their May 2020 issue styled as a My Chemical Romance Holy Book - Road to the Return. You can nab it online, two covers and some bundles with some sweet merch. I want that sigil poster, personally.

And that's all for now, folks. Catch ya later.

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