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about brickbreakr

hi! I'm brickbreakr (24/they) and i'm the webmasta of ravenkroft, if you will. also if you won't. basically I made the site itself. ;P

i'm a longtime fan, but I wasn't ever in the "fandom," so to speak. until 2018/2019 that is! it's a fun mix of familiar and entirely new.

i'm a digital artist and graphic design major who makes websites as a hobby. i was a bonafide emo kid, and I'm an emo adult now, but it's better this time around because I'm using the right pronouns and I'm better at makeup. mcr made me wicked gay.

i like shit music, shittier movies, and shittier still comics. robots are my lifeblood, and glitch/retrofuture/tech aesthetics are the bomb dot com. i really, really enjoy the old web look and vibe, which is 75% of the reason this site looks like this. the other 25% is because i am only Sort Of Okay at coding.

about the site

We are here to be your #5 source of My Chemical Romance news. We are two siblings who are both A. Still emo and B. Emo again. We really really like MCR and wanted to run a page about them, so we're doing it! This isn't really meant to be a news news site, it's mostly for fun and for memes and where we can put all the MCR related stuff we make. We still intend on posting MCR news to the main page though.

This site is many things. It's a love letter to the band, it's a chance for us to practice the skills we're exercising in making it, and it's something fun to share with any of you who stumble across it. We want this to be fun to make and fun to read, so we hope you enjoy :)

You can reach us at our email, and you can leave us a message on our guestbook!

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about angel duster

i'm a 19 y.o. she/they crash queen called angel duster, baby! i write da wordz. how many? SO many.

want to know what it was like Back In The Day™? talk to this kid from yesterday! well, sort of. if you're looking for firsthand info spanning from just-pre-breakup info to anything thereafter, i've got ya.

i "work" from "home" and i say swear words every day of my life. i was, still am, and always will be an emo kid (even if i dress like a hippie). i go on nature walks and pick up bugs in my free time.

i love literally all music. yes, even that genre. it's just noises anyhow.