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UPDATE: Record Store Day

03/06/2020, by Angel Duster

Within the last post, it was rumoured that Life On The Murder Scene would be made a Record Store Day exclusive, and I speculated it would be clear vinyl, with red splatters.

Guess what was announced yesterday?

"The Murder Scene," via RSD

The RSD 2020 List!

Now simply dubbed The Murder Scene, it is limited to 8000 copies, and is clear with red splatter! My theories are pretty good, right?

Record Store Day 2020 is, yet again, April 18th, so save your money till then! On average, RSD releases range from $15 to $35, so be mindful of that.

Record Store Day releases are occasionally available at Hot Topic, if you have any local to you. I always recommend supporting local record stores, rather than big stores.

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